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Personal trainer


Rohan Sajjad

Personal Trainer


As a dedicated personal trainer with a Certificate 3&4 in Fitness, First Aid & CPR, Rohan has devoted years to helping clients reach their optimal selves by merging physical fitness with mental well-being.

His approach combines strength & resistance training, cardiovascular exercises, and mindfulness techniques, aiming to foster resilience, boost confidence, and overall happiness.


Whether working with busy professionals, athletes, or those on a wellness journey, his goal is to empower his clients to balance their bodies and minds, leading to sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle changes.


Rohan offers a personalised coaching experience both in-person and online and is committed to guiding clients towards their health and fitness goals with empathy and expertise.


If you’re looking for someone to help you find movement you love, and push you to reach your goals, Rohan is the coach for you.


Specialises in:

Strength & Conditioning

Functional Training

Boot Camp

Body Pump


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